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Application requirements - academic positions

Application requirements - academic positions

If you wish to apply for an academic position at AAU, your application must contain the following:

  • A motivated text, stating your grounds for applying, qualifications relevant to the position and your intentions and visions for the position.
  • An updated CV.
  • Specification of degrees (a copy of diplomas of achieved degrees: Bachelor, Master/Executive Master and PhD). The diplomas must be in Danish or English (e.g. in the form of a translation by a certified translation bureau or similar).
  • Specification of academic qualifications:
    • Please attach a complete list of publications and state which work you wish to refer to.
    • You may attach a maximum of 10 publications to your application for associate professor or professor positions. For any other academic position, you may attach a maximum of 5 publications.

Please be aware that for applications for positions in the category assistant professor, associate professor, professor or professor with special responsibilities it is not sufficient to refer to publications. Only publications attached to the application can form a basis for the assessments committee’s assessment of your application.

  • Teaching qualifications described in a teaching portfolio. If you choose not to submit this material, your application must state the reason for this.
  • Communication qualifications must be evident from you CV, including participation in committees, boards, associations and similar.
  • Additional qualifications relevant to the position must be evident from the application.
  • References/recommendations can be attached.


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