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Career options for academic staff (VIP)

Career options for academic staff (VIP)

A research career at the university begins by a research training programme (PhD) and often follows the course – in the simplified version – from an assistant professorship, to an associate professorship, and, for the best qualified, to a professorship. The university also offers other positions, for instance postdoc, which makes it possible for you to develop your research competences and qualify for the next level in the university job structure.

It is essential for Aalborg University to be able to attract and sustain the best talents in their research careers. This is done by securing an attractive research environment at Aalborg University, by offering good development options to the best potential talents, and by providing researchers with competences which are also useful if they choose to replace their university career by a job in a different setting. In addition to research experience, this may be teaching and communication experience, as well as experience in project management.

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