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The appointment and assessment process for academic positions

The appointment and assessment process for academic positions

When you apply for an academic position at Aalborg University, you can expect your application to be dealt with in the following way:

  • When appointing academic positions at AAU, an assessments committee is appointed, the object of which is to assess the submitted material and produce an academic assessment of each candidate in relation to the position in question.
  • Once the deadline for applications has expired, an assessments committee is appointed.
  • The assessments committee consists normally of three to five members. For some positions below assistant professor level one or two internal members are required.
  • The members of the assessments committee are not below associate professor level. However, for professor positions the assessors are at professor level.
  • The composition of the assessments committee is made by the Academic Council and subsequently submitted to you and the other applicants for review.
  • After the hearing deadline, the assessments committee receives your application for assessment. You are informed when you can expect to receive the assessment of your application.
  • The assessment is based on Job Structure for Academic Staff at Universities and the qualification requirements stipulated in the job advertisement in question. The assessments committee will submit a collective assessment, stating whether you are qualified or not qualified for the position.
  • The assessment is submitted to you for review.
  • Subsequently, the assessments of all the applicants are submitted to the Head of Department in order for him/her to evaluate the applications and choose the candidate who is best qualified for the position.
  • Before a decision is made on appointment, the Dean and the Head of Department can choose to conduct employment interviews as required.
  • The Head of Department’s recommendation for the appointment is submitted to the Dean, who is empowered to make the final decision.
  • The Dean can decide that on the basis of the merits there are no grounds for appointment, even though there may be qualified applicants for the position.
  • The Dean will send a letter to the chosen candidate with an offer for the position. The Dean will attach an information form that must be filled out and returned. Subsequently, a letter of appointment is drawn up.
  • Once the assessments committee has commenced work, the assessment process is expected to take 4 to 15 weeks.
  • Part-time lecturers, assistant teachers, student workers and assistant lecturers are not included in the above process.

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