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Application requirements - Ph.D. positions

Application requirements - Ph.D. positions

If you want to apply for a PhD position at Aalborg University, the application requirements may differ, but you should always submit:

  • A motivated application
  • A CV
  • Documentation for passed university exams in the form of diplomas and transcripts of records in Danish or English (e.g. in the form of a translation by a certified translation bureau or similar)

In addition, the requirements may also include one or more of the following:

  • PhD project proposal
  • Co-author statement (if you attach publications that have been authored by you and one or more co-authors to your application, you also need to attach a co-author statement, clearly stating your part of the collaboration. The statement must be signed by your co-author[s])
  • Language skills (e.g. English)

You can find a complete outline of the requirements in the given job advertisement.

Requirements for your project proposal

You can find the requirements for the content of your project proposal on the respective doctoral schools’ websites or in the job advertisement.

Online application – some good advice (FAQ)

Aalborg University uses an electronic recruitment system for receiving applications. Towards the bottom in the respective job advertisement you will find a link, which you need to use when applying for the position. Before uploading your application it is important that you have all relevant documentation ready in a Word or PDF format, as you need to upload all material at the same time. You cannot leave the application and return to it a couple of hours later without having to start over.

The system does not support ZIP or images files. Filenames can only contain numbers and letters, and each document must take up no more than 20 MB. If you experience technical problems, we encourage you to try again. If the technical problems, contrary to expectation, cannot be solved, please contact the member of staff listed as the contact person in the job advertisement.

Once we have received your application, we will send you an email with a receipt. In the email you get a chance to check that the data you have entered and the files you have attached are correct.