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Become a PhD student at Aalborg University

Become a PhD student at Aalborg University

The PhD programme at Aalborg University is a three-year research programme and the first step on your way to a career in research and development. As a PhD student at AAU you will become a part of an international and excellent research environment. The PhD programme will prepare you for an academic university career, but many PhDs are also employed in the public or private sectors which also need specialised staff.

How to become enrolled as a PhD student at AAU

To be considered for a PhD programme, you must have a master’s degree or professional competences at a level that corresponds to a master’s degree. If you are deemed qualified, you can be enrolled as a PhD student in a number of different ways. An enrolment constitutes a confirmation that you are affiliated to the university’s PhD programme.

There are two ways to apply for a PhD programme at Aalborg University

  • Via application to a specific advertisement
  • Unsolicited applications via contact with the relevant research environment

In terms of financing, PhD programmes can take the following forms

  • Fully financed stipends
  • Co-financed stipends
  • Industrial PhDs
  • Self-financed/special conditions

Fully financed stipends are the traditional way to finance a PhD study. In this case, the university finances your entire stipend. Each department has a specific number of fully financed stipends that are filled following public announcements. You are enrolled and employed in a fulltime position as a PhD student at Aalborg University, and AAU will be your place of employment.

Co-financed stipends are a combination of funds from the university and external financing. The external funds are raised by the professional environment that wants to use the opportunity of a co-financed stipend. Together, the external party and the university decide on the detailed conditions for the PhD student in question.

Industrial PhDs constitute a special form of financing. As an Industrial PhD you are employed by a company or an organisation and your salary is paid by your employer, who receives approximately half of the amount from the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation. You spend all your working hours on the PhD project and you are expected to divide your hours equally between the company/organisation and the university.

Self-financed/special conditions: a person who is enrolled, but pays for his/her own tuition and is not employed as a PhD fellow. As an employee in a PhD position you are given the title PhD fellow, while your enrolment gives you the title PhD student.

How do we assess your application?

The application and attachments you have submitted are assessed by one or more specialists. Subsequently, the university decides whether or not you can be enrolled in a PhD programme.
Become a PhD student at Aalborg University