Vacant positions

The appointment and assessment process for technical and adminstrative positions

The appointment and assessment process for technical and adminstrative positions

When you apply for a technical or administrative position at Aalborg University, you may expect that your application will be treated as follows:

  • When the university has received your application, we will send an email to acknowledge receipt
  • When the application deadline has expired, an employment committee will read and assess all applications received
  • The employment committee will typically consist of one or two management representatives and one or two staff representatives
  • The employment committee will conduct one or two interviews with the applicants best qualified for the position
  • If two interviews are conducted, the employment committee may use a recruitment test between the two interviews
  • The employment committee may collect references with the applicant’s consent
  • On the basis of application, CV, examination certificate, any appendices, and job interview, the application committee will decide which applicant will be offered employment

Nomination for employment at AAU

  • The employment committee will nominate their preferred candidate to the manager in charge
  • The manager will commence negotiations regarding final salary and employment conditions with the applicant’s university based trade union representative or with the trade union in question. These negotiations must be completed before the date when the applicant begins employment.
  • The applicant will receive an information form, which he/she must complete and return to the HR department
  • The HR department will issue a letter of employment

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