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Aalborg University as a workplace

Aalborg University employees are the key to the success of the university, and for this reason we are working continuously to create an attractive research and work environment in which a high level of professional competence and expertise goes hand in hand with staff welfare, commitment and job satisfaction.

A young, outward oriented, innovative University

As an AAU employee you will experience a work day full of interesting and challenging tasks of a highly diverse character. You will be in close contact with cutting-edge research and encounter Denmark’s university and research policies in practice. Diversity is a precondition for innovation, and therefore you will be part of an international environment in which many academic colleagues will come from abroad, and English will be used as a natural communication tool in many contexts.

See the movie below and learn more about how we seek to translate our values ​​into practice.

Get close to the latest research and become a part of an international environment

As a knowledge intensive enterprise, we wish to attract the broadest professional competences. If you are committed and wish to make a difference, the university will provide good opportunities for creating a career and achieving results in your job, whether you are employed in an academic or a technical-administrative position.

Staff welfare and job satisfaction at AAU

Staff welfare and job satisfaction at Aalborg UniversityAt Aalborg University we focus intensively on staff welfare and job satisfaction. Like all knowledge intensive enterprises, AAU is characterised by a high degree of self-management among staff, and therefore it is essential for the university to conduct an active personnel policy which takes care of the relationship between tasks and resources as well as other important work environment factors.

Aalborg University wishes to ensure that all employees experience a good and healthy work environment. AAU offers a number of staff benefits to our employees, e.g. flexible working hours, a PC scheme, an art society, sports events, fruit and coffee, etc. In addition, internal competence-enhancing courses in financial management, project management, languages etc. are offered currently.

As an employee at AAU you are entitled to, and must also contribute to, a good work environment in which everyone will thrive and develop, and where creativity will flourish.

AAU in numbers

Aalbirg University in numbersAalborg University is a growing university in terms of student numbers, programmes, finances and staff. Most of the university’s 2,700 employees work at our Aalborg campus, but we also have campuses in Esbjerg and Copenhagen.

More than half of our staff are engaged in research and teaching, and an almost equal number are supporting these core activities in administrative and technical functions. Find more information about Aalborg University in numbers.