Five-year research Professorship in Digital Design and Advanced Fabrication techniques within Architecture and Building Design

At the Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technolgy a five-year research professorship in Architecture and Building Design within the area Digital Design and Advanced Fabrication Techniques is open for appointment. The position is open for appointment from July 1st, 2017, or soon thereafter and for a period of 5 years. The Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology has as its goal the development of an innovative cluster of engineering-based environments for education and research which integrate creativity, engineering and technology within the disciplines of architecture, urban design, industrial design, digital design and interactive media. The department is a leading research and educational environment in Denmark that addresses the challenge of the interplay between creativity and technology, and develops new areas in research and education directed towards the end-user.

Job description

At Aalborg University, Department of Architecture, Design, and Media Technology a five-year research professorship in Architecture and Building Design is open within the area Digital Design and Advanced Fabrication techniques.

By the professorship, Aalborg University wants to elaborate its position within architecture and building design research where we are QS ranked as the only Danish university among the top 100 universities worldwide and the top 50 universities in Europe in the area Architecture and the Build Environment.

The department wishes to increase its research on emerging techniques for digital design and prototyping that advance current practices within architecture and building design. The use of information technology opens possibilities not only for the design and fabrication process but also for new aesthetic expressions, which we wish to pursuit with the professorship.  The research is expected to address the above by:

* Challenging use of computation for design and manufacturing techniques and the development of new methods and technologies that enable a new flexibility between sketch, prototype, and finished project.
* Advancing fabrication methods to ensure a strong link between engineering insight, architectural and civil engineering innovation, and overall quality. These methods could include the use of robots, 3D printing, drones etc.
* Conducting experimental studies in research and practice: The development of a laboratory where innovation is the primary focus, in direct response to the many societal challenges of the 21st century regarding sustainable architecture and resource optimization.
* Exploring innovation structural design potentials in buildings with new advanced technologies and fabrication techniques.
* Contributing to further development of our international engineering graduate program in Architecture where tectonic architecture and computer-aided design is central.

The overall ambition is to achieve a better understanding of the limitations of “the machine” in relation to developments in architecture and building design, through an investigation of the emerging technologies possibilities.

The professorship is a full-time position for a five-year period with limited teaching responsibilities. We expect that the successful applicant will actively participate in the daily life at the department and fundraising to increase research activities within the area. The right candidate for the position will have a background or experience within architecture, civil or architectural engineering or a cross-over between the areas.

The Obel Family Foundation is financing the professorship that is affiliated to the department’s section for architecture and urban design.

Your motivated application must contain a primarily research plan (1-2 pages), preferable contact information to two or three references, a CV, a link to either your Google scholar profile, ResearcherID or a unique search profile or query from Web of Science or Publish or Perish with your publication and citation record.
You may obtain further professional information from Head of Department Hans Jørgen Andersen, by tel.: +45 9940 8834 or mail
Qualification requirements:
The successful applicant can demonstrate a documented high level of original scientific production at an international level, including proven further development of the research area in question. An assessment of the candidate’s undertaking of research management and/or other possible management functions will also be taken into account. In addition the applicant is expected to have the qualifications required for undertaking teaching responsibilities. Special contributions to and development of educational and teaching related areas will be considered in the overall assessment.

The application must contain the following:
• A motivated text wherein the reasons for applying, qualifications in relation to the position, and intentions and visions for the position are stated.
• A current curriculum vitae.
• Copies of relevant diplomas (Master of Science and PhD).
• Scientific qualifications. A complete list of publications must be attached with an indication of the works the applicant wishes to be considered. You may attach up to 10 publications.
• Teaching qualifications described in the teaching portfolio. If this is not enclosed the applicant must include an explanation for its absence.
• Dissemination qualifications, including participation on committees or boards, participation in organisations and the like.
• Additional qualifications in relation to the position.
• References/recommendations.
• Personal data.

The applications are only to be submitted online by using the "Apply online" button below.

An assessment committee will assess all candidates. 

For further information concerning the application procedure please contact Anne Christoffersen by mail or phone (+45) 9940 9680.

Information regarding guidelines, ministerial circular in force, teaching portfolio and procedures can be seen here.


Appointment and salary acc. to the agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of professional Associations (AC) on Academics in the State. Employment as Professor is in accordance with a classified position on scale 37. In addition, a pensionable increment will be given. 

Vacancy number



Fri Apr 14 00:00:00 CEST 2017

Apply online

Online application - some good advice

Online application - some good advice

Aalborg University uses an electronic recruitment system for receiving applications. Towards the bottom in the respective job advertisement you will find a link, which you need to use when applying for the position. Before uploading your application it is important that you have all relevant documentation ready in a Word or PDF format, as you need to upload all material at the same time. You cannot leave the application and return to it a couple of hours later without having to start over.

The system does not support ZIP or images files. Filenames can only contain numbers and letters, and each document must take up no more than 20 MB.

If you experience technical problems, we encourage you to try again. If the technical problems, contrary to expectation, cannot be solved, please contact the member of staff listed as the contact person in the job advertisement.