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Head of Department at the Department of Politics and Society, Aalborg University

Aalborg University is looking for a unifying and visionary head of department, who will be responsible for the continuous development of the newly “merged” Department of Politics and Society at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Job description

We are looking for a unifying profile with an aptitude for strategy and people
The Department of Politics and Society was established in the autumn of 2019 after an organizational restructure of the departments at the Faculty of Social Sciences. As part of this process, the academic profile of the Faculty of Social Science was optimized.
You will be responsible for a new department and part of your main tasks will be to ensure the overall strategic direction of the department, as well as the specific strategy for the job satisfaction and development of the employees in the new organization.

As part of the management group at the Faculty of Social Sciences, you will have the opportunity to influence the development of an exciting faculty, where some of the most quoted researchers in the field of Social Sciences in Denmark are based.
Furthermore, in cooperation with two vice heads of department and the head of a newly established joint administration, you will have the opportunity to set the direction for the department’s research-, education- and operational strategies; moreover, you will have ample opportunity to shape and develop the tasks and work methods of the management team.

The management group at the Faculty of Social Sciences are currently undergoing a joint management development project, which the new Head of Department will of course also be part of.
Cooperation and involvement are important values at the faculty. The job satisfaction of our staff is very important to us and we put a lot of emphasis on the fact that a competent and efficient management is an important factor in creating a desirable workplace as well as motivated employees.

About the department
The Department of Politics and Society addresses development in the areas of History, Politics, Administration, International Relations and Digitalization, as well as sheds light on national, regional and global processes. The researchers emphasize on the societal development of both the past, present and future and conduct research and lectures, which are based upon both empirical and/or theoretical knowledge, of a high quality and with a focus on the comparative and often interdisciplinary perspective. Another important role of the department is to secure externally funded research projects.

The department offers a number of bachelor- and master programs in the field of social sciences both nationally and internationally. The department has a wide professional competence and expert knowledge within the fields of social science and the humanities. The academic breadth of the research- and teaching-based activities ensures that the department has an aptitude for viewing societal challenges from both a time-related and a geographically extended perspective.
The department has a number of high-profile researchers and experts, who are committed to the communication of scientific knowledge through their publications, as well as through their active participation in the public debate.

The Department of Politics and Society has approximately 1,500 students and around 140 employees at the two campuses in Aalborg and Copenhagen. It has around 100 academic employees, who are organized in 11 different research groups. On top of this, there are 40 administrative employees at the joint administration, which provides services for the departments at The Faculty of Social Sciences. The full budget for 2020 is around 96 million DKK.

An exciting management task
The management of a department at a modern university is very much a strategic management task. Therefore, we are looking for a manager with a proven record of accomplishment in thinking and working strategically in the fields of research and higher education. Success will always be dependent on the motivation and enthusiasm of the staff, and we expect the new head of department to have an aptitude for creating desirable, academic environments, in order to further the general job satisfaction and the professional and personal development of the staff.
We are looking for an experienced manager, who will thrive with these tasks.

As Head of Department, you must have relevant teaching and research qualifications as well as an outstanding and internationally acknowledged academic record; moreover, you must be familiar with the requirements of a leadership position in a research environment.
Furthermore, you must have knowledge of the relationship between research and postgraduate education and society both nationally and internationally.

Academically and personally, you must have…

  • Experience in teaching- and research management.
  • An interest in - and an eye for - talent development and for creating a strong academic setting in a safe work environment.
  • The drive and skill to motivate and maintain professional relationships within many different academic fields and groups of interest.
  • The drive and skill to balance your ability to listen to and involve others and your ability to make firm decisions.
  • The ability to delegate and to use the organization’s resources appropriately, as well as the ability to create and develop a strong management team.
  • The ability to “see” and acknowledge your staff and an enthusiasm for being a visible leader.
  • The ability to create cohesiveness in an environment where self-management is practiced.
  • A global vision, as well as a well-developed national- and international network.
  • Experience with interdisciplinary- and research cooperation and in securing external funding for research projects.
  • Experience with work environment management and management processes, including collaboration with joint consultative committees, department councils and similar.
  • The ability to communicate with the surrounding society and to create a positive branding of goals, identity and opportunities
  • Knowledge of Danish/Scandinavian languages, as well as English proficiency at a high level

Further information
For more information on the position, please contact Dean Rasmus Antoft (+45 3031 8104/email: ras@adm.aau.dk), or Executive Jan Thomsen, Ramsdal Executive, (+45 4040 7719/email: jth@ramsdalgruppen.dk) who assists AAU in the hiring process.

Aalborg University’s higher education programs and research are problem- and project based and have a focus on the interdisciplinary. Through cooperation between researchers, students and public and private companies offer realistic education programs and create world-class research results. This is how we discover new realizations, find new solutions on the societal challenges and create knowledge, that changes the world. Discover more on www.en.aau.dk.

For further information, please see the website for the department: www.politics-society.aau.dk and the website for the faculty: www.en.fak.samf.aau.dk.

The primary strategy for the faculty is “Quality, impact and well-being” . You can read more about the concrete strategies here: https://www.en.fak.samf.aau.dk/about-faculty/


The employment is based on a 4-year contract, with the possibility of extending the position for a further 3 years without reposting the position. It will be possible to negotiate a limited time for research within this position. Employment will be in accordance with the stipulations of the Danish Ministerial Order on the Appointment of Academic Staff at Universities (The Appointment Order), and the Danish Ministry of Finance's current circular on Job Structure for Academic Staff at Universities. Employment and remuneration will be in accordance with the collective agreements for academics employed by the Danish state. There will be an opportunity to negotiate a qualifications-based supplement. In some cases, it will be possible to make an agreement to return to a prior position as associate professor or professor. The possible return to a prior position will happen in accordance with the Danish order for academic staff at universities, as well as the regulations in the order of employment. Workplace will be in Aalborg. The position is at full time position, and the employment commences 1st August 2020. Aalborg University must receive your application containing your CV and all other relevant documentation electronically. The complete application with attachments is to be submitted online by using the "apply online" button below and by completing the application form. AAU wishes to reflect the diversity of society. The head of department is expected to support this value. AAU welcomes applications from all qualified candidates regardless of personal background or belief.

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Online application - some good advice

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