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One or more PhD Stipends in SIoT – Secure Internet of Things (16-21086G)

Reannouncement: Applications are invited for one or more PhD Stipends at the Department of Computer Science, the Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Aalborg University, Denmark. The positions are available from July 1, 2022 or soon hereafter. The Department of Computer Science features a broad range of synergistic activities within research and education in the general area of computer science, including curiosity-driven research and targeted research in collaboration with industrial partners, as well as traditional university education, with a unique problem- and project-based focus, and continued education and knowledge dissemination.

Job description

Research area and project description:
Many industrial systems contain communicating devices, connected in the so-called Internet of Things. The security demand on such systems is high, since they often monitor and control safety-critical environments. This project aims at analysing their security risks quantitatively, and at supporting the design of secure solutions.

The PhD project will be concerned with formal modelling and analysis of diverse systems with the goal of exploring and proving safety and securtiy properties of the system. This will likely include federation logics, formal access control models as well as modelling and analysis of security vulnerabilities and attacks using attack-defense trees and similar formalisms.

The SIoT project, coordinated by Aarhus University, is a collaboration within DIREC (Digital Research Centre Denmark) between four Danish universities and eight Danish companies. The project aims at theoretical progress in modelling and analysis with Attack-Defense-Games. It will take inspiration from case studies with interesting security challenges from the industrial partners.

Qualifications and specific competences:
Applicants to these positions must have an MSc degree in Computer Science or a closely related field. The ideal candidates have a strong background in formal methods and/or security and/or static analysis, a demonstrable affinity with software or system security, and excellent collaboration and communication skills.

Applicants seeking further information for this project are invited to contact: Associate professor René Rydhof Hansen 

The PhD project will be co-supervised by Professor Flemming Nielson, Technical University of Denmark.

PhD stipends are allocated to individuals who hold a Master's degree. PhD stipends are normally for a period of 3 years. It is a prerequisite for allocation of the stipend that the candidate will be enrolled as a PhD student at the Technical Doctoral School of IT and Design in accordance with the regulations of Ministerial Order No. 1039 of August 27, 2013 on the PhD Programme at the Universities and Certain Higher Artistic Educational Institutions. According to the Ministerial Order, the progress of the PhD student shall be assessed at regular points in time.

Shortlisting will be applied. This means that subsequent to the deadline for applications the head of department supported by the chair of the assessment committee will select candidates for assessment. All applicants will be informed whether they will be assessed or not.

For further information about stipends and salary as well as practical issues concerning the application procedure contact Ms. Sofie Pia Jensen, The Doctoral School at The Technical Faculty of IT and Design, email: , phone: +45 9940 3478.

For more information of The Technical Doctoral School of IT and Design:

The application is only to be submitted online by using the "Apply online" button below.

AAU wishes to reflect the diversity of society and welcomes applications from all qualified candidates regardless of personal background or belief.


Appointment and salary as a PhD fellow are according to the Ministry of Finance Circular of 28 June 2019 on the Collective Agreement for Academics in Denmark, Appendix 5, regarding PhD fellows, and with the current Circular of 11 December 2019 on the employment structure at Danish universities.

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Online application - some good advice

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